The Company

JD Sports is an industry leading Canadian sports travel and event management company based out of Montreal, Quebec. For the past 10 years, we've been organizing international foreign tours in Canada as well as in other major cities across the world for both men and women NCAA programs. All foreign tours are tailor-made to meet your team's specific needs; JD Sports prides itself in being first class, efficient, honest, and relentless – we go the extra mile for your team. John Dangelas, President and Founder of JD Sports, is a businessman/entrepreneur with over 20 years of coaching experience. The JD Sports team includes George Germanos and Peter Yannopoulos, a select group of dynamic coaches with extensive experience in service and travel.

The Competition

JD Sports will provide your program with highly competitive basketball games which will help your team prepare for the upcoming season. The list of potential opponents includes: U Sports (Canadian Universities), CCAA (Canadian Colleges), local Elite Club teams and All-Star teams composed of former American and Canadian university players. The level of basketball in Canada has grown tremendously in the past decade and as a result more elite Canadian talent is playing NCAA basketball than ever before hence the recent surge in Canadian NBA top draft picks.

The Experience

Canadians are very proud of their cosmopolitan cities that are clean, safe, friendly and multicultural. By visiting cities such as Quebec city, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver your team will be enjoying modern cities with all their conveniences, outstanding shopping and dining, but also get a taste of Europe and a glimpse back into Canada's affluent British and French heritage. Your team will stay in first-class accommodations and be treated to many exceptional and diverse cuisines. Our rich Canadian culture, history and diversity will allow for your players and staff to have an eye opening educational experience. JD Sports ensures a member of our organization will always be present with your team to answer to all your needs.